Scanner Stories

This page is dedicated to random stories taken from our local police scanners that have been twisted by the voice recorder and autocorrect on K’s phone. They can be quite funny… if you aren’t confused yet…

6:23pm Friday 10/12/12 – Clearwater man with hand what mailing a green hoodie with a hand anonymous Franklin female driver Illinois grr I can signal light 2245 Shanker Sock Lane everybody do dippity boppity 1314 Salad Lincoln Park Drive headquarters for paperwork 1320 hi hat and 42nd street about arrest knocked out a little bit phone charges in the exit Fairfax Virginia black caddy hunting license check she will have again Kerala Bok selling car stop yeah I’ll 00 circle drive just nuts Sally Fremont Street Menlo is raw up yes hot call song Amazon dot remember next door for sure all look the Lone Rock Google Lowes hello morning lover girl do you some down suicidal subject for the nice well what North Fox en route Twitter 230 methamphetmine subject is throwing Russell with a strange cackle if I find as for a struggle speak now so hot retarded or what haha what do Verizon Sir Charles morning right now thanks for coming home first or apartments on time clinical on in storm shutter but can’t boot camp pity little access no grammar note trash Officer!  (bahahahahaha hope you got a laugh too)


2 thoughts on “Scanner Stories

  1. Kathleen October 14, 2012 at 1:08 am Reply

    Lmfao “2245 Shanker Sock Lane everybody do dippity boppity” and “methamphetmine subject is throwing Russell with a strange cackle”

    • bkspecial006 October 14, 2012 at 1:35 am Reply

      We laughed our asses off too. Tehehe

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