Saturday Night Sprain

Hello again.

K here. Yep just me. All by myself. 😦  B is out getting her drank on. I was supposed to go too but earlier this week I happened to slip off a step and sprain my foot. I figured by now it’d be feeling better but of course not! Any pressure on it at all feels like a railroad tie is being crammed through my arch. I’m stuck wearing a hideous boot (for 4 long, dreadful weeks) and the hobble I’ve got going on is not the kind of swagg I want to show off on the dance floor.

Anywho… B and our cousin C went out and I’m hoping they are having a blast by now. Great thing is that they were nice enough to drop by and say hello before they went out. Now something you should know about us girls and a night out… We always get prepped before hitting the bar.

So these two are drinking it up as we all sit around The Smoke Lounge and chat. (There is a pic of The Lounge in the Favorites tab) I sat smoking my Marlboro Light as they chug-a-lugged on their boozahol and snapped new pictures to post to Facebook. You do know it’s a female ritual now days. “OMG we look so effin sexified righhht now! Pictures!” Haha (not really them, but kind of typical of most ladies) I snapped a few for them as well and so wished that I wasn’t wearing sweats, an ol’ funky pink tank top, one flip-flop, my hideous boot, and to top it off a half ass pony-tail. I guess it just sucks in general to feel left out.

So the ladies headed out and I hobbled back inside off the porch. I was ready to crash out and call it a night. Once I made it up the stairs and down the hall to my king size haven (the most comfortable bed EVARRR) I got nice and comfy then found myself closing my eyes and imagining that I was there shakin’ my ass around the bar with them. 🙂 If I can’t be there tonight my spirit will be damn it!

So yes I may be typing this up for you to read (I know you love it) but truly I’m eyeballing some stud standin’ at the bar as I dance across the floor whippin’ my hair back n’ forth. Whoooooooo (Can ya see it?)

🙂 Me too.  (The Stud at the bar would be my handsome Hubby though, tehe)

I’m off to dream… G’night you.    ~ K


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3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Sprain

  1. Pam October 14, 2012 at 3:06 am Reply

    Well K it sounds like you all know how to have fun! It sucks that you’re missing out tonight although you have the right attitude about it. Send your spirit! I hope you have fantastic dreams and that B and C do have a blast. 😀

    • bkspecial006 October 14, 2012 at 10:04 am Reply

      My dreams were fantastic, thank ya! I haven’t heard from the ladies yet. It’s still too early and I’m sure they’re going to be hung over. I don’t think any of us can hang like we could back when we were younger.

      ~ K

  2. quanchau3781 October 16, 2012 at 2:03 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on My Blog.

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